C.P.R. Presentation

C.P.R. Presentation


Presentation of the Protestant Council of Rwanda (CPR)

The Protestant Council of Rwanda (CPR) is a public and religious based organizations founded by 4 protestant Churches in 1963 and obtained its legal status through the ministerial order No 112/08 of 5th November 1963. As time went on, it grew tremendously to currently count 19 churches and 5 Christian organizations.

This presentation highlights the CPR vision, mission, core values, and organizational structure.


Vision of CPR

To work for a Rwanda where all people live in unity, justice, peace and prosperity in obedience to God and at peace with one another.


Mission of CPR

To promote unity of action and vision of Christian churches in Rwanda according to John 17.21 for the evangelistic witness and for the well-being of the people of Rwanda.


Core Values of CPR

As far as core values are concerned, the Council mainly aims at upholding:
Unity in diversities of the member denominations of CPR and of all Christian believers who share the same scriptures, the trinity and the incarnation of Jesus Christ. (John 17 21) Peace and Reconciliation towards building a strong body of Christ and a safe community Evangelization through witnessing for Jesus Christ and winning the lost to salvation for Him. Partnership with the government, sister churches and related Christian organizations both nationally and internationally. Development for well-being and growth and self-sustainability Education and health through fighting against ignorance, poverty and sicknesses for the holistic wellbeing.


Structure of CPR

The governance structure of CPR consists of the following organs:

(1) The General Assembly (GA) is the highest level decision making board, and is composed of Legal representatives and delegates of Churches and Christian organizations member of CPR. The General Assembly meets once in two years.

(2) The Executive Council (EC) is the decision making board invested of the competences of the General assembly between sessions of the latter. It is composed of the same delegates to the general assembly according to the fixed number. The EC meets twice a year.

(3) The Executive Bureau (EB) accompanies the General Secretary in the implementation of board decisions. The EB members are appointed for a four year mandate.


Member of the Executive Bureau (2013 to 2017)

  • Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo, President and Legal Representative
  • Rev. Munyamasoko Gato Corneil, Vice President and Alternate Legal Representative
  • Mr Francois Mushimimana, Treasurer
  • Rev. Dr Samuel Rugambage, General Secretary (add photos)

The CPR governance system is supported by a Secretariat, which is responsible of implementing Board decisions and coordinating all CPR programs. The Office of the General Secretariat is supported by three departments as follow: “Finance, Administration & Investment” , “Education, Social Services and Development” , which has Gender, HIV and counseling service in its portfolio; Mission and Church Mobilization, which has Radio Inkoramutima in its portfolio. Ten (10) decentralized local committees represent CPR in their geographical region in order to contextualize activities. CPR currently count a staff of 27 employees, 9 female and 18 male.


List of churches and Christian organizations member of CPR

  1. Presbyterian Church of Rwanda
  2. Union of Baptist Church of Rwanda
  3. Free Methodist Church of Rwanda
  4. Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda
  5. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kigali Diocese
  6. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Byumba Diocese
  7. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kibungo Diocese
  8. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Gahini Diocese
  9. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese
  10. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Butare Diocese
  11. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kigeme Diocese
  12. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyira Diocese
  13. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Cyangugu Diocese
  14. Anglican Church of Rwanda, Cyangugu Diocese
  15. 7th Day Adventist Church in Rwanda
  16. Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda
  17. Evangelical Church of Friends of Rwanda
  18. Harvest Christian Church (HCC)
  19. Lutheran Church of Rwanda
  20. Salvation Army Church
  21. African Evangelistics Enterprises
  22. BARAKABAHO Foundation
  23. Rwanda Youth for Christ
  24. African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)
  25. Scripture Union