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Quoi de neuf?...........Les nouvelles brèves du CPR

To thank God for recent Development in CPR church members

To all church and organisations and ecumenical partners

1. The Anglican Church in Rwanda

On 17th September the Anglican Province of Rwanda meeting in Biryogo, Kigali elected its new Archbishop to take over from His Grace Emmanuel Kolini, who is retiring. The Rt Rev Onesphore RWAJE, Bishop of Byumba diocese was elected as the new Archbishop. The new Archbishop is also to be the bishop of the newly created diocese of Gasabo ( part of the Kigali city, part of rural former Kigali prefecture). He is to take office in Gasabo on January 23, 2012.

Kigali Diocese

The Province of Rwanda elected a new bishop of the Anglican Diosece of Kigali. Rev Canon Louis MUVUNYI was elected on that position. He was ordained on June 21 and will take over from His Grace Emmanuel KOLINI, bishop of the Diocese of Kigali, on 12 December 2010.




Shyira Diocese

The Rt Rev. Mbanda, who was elected Bishop of the Shyira diocese and ordained on 28 March 2010, will take over from the Rt Rev John RUCYAHANA, retiring, on 14 November.





2. The Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda ( ADEPR).

The church held is elective General Assembly in Muhanga/Gitarama ( South Province) on Wednesday, 15 September 2010. More than 300 delegates from local congregations and regions and the Central office as well as representatives of the Swedish Mission and other partners attended the Assembly at the ADEPR Gitarama Church. The delegates shared the word of God and heard messages from the guests.
CPR delegation comprised Dr. Tharcisse Gatwa, the General Secretary and Isaac Nkundabantu, a staff member in charge of advocacy, peace and reconciliation programme.

The major item of the Assembly agenda was the election of the church leadership because the existing term was coming at its end. The assembly activities took place in a peaceful, transparent and good spirited atmosphere. An electoral commission appointed by the Assembly coordinated the activities.
A new Executive Board comprising 6 members was elected for a 4 years term. Equally a Board of directors and the presidents of the regions were appointed out of the suggestion of the Executive Board.

Executive Board :
a. Legal Representative: Rev. Samuel Usabwimana (was re-elected with 228 votes out of 289 voters). He was running against another candidate, Rev. Jean Sibomana who had formerly occupied that position.
b. Deputy Legal Representative (in charge of Spiritual life of the Church): Rev. Come Rutegamihigo was elected with 193 votes out of 289 voters. He was running against 3 other candidates.
c. General Secretary: Rev. Callixte Kamanzi was elected with 262 votes. He was running against one candidate.
d. Treasurer: Rev. Ernest Rutaganira was elected with 237 votes. He was running against one candidate.
e. The Counsellor for Spiritual life of the Church: Rev. Jean Chrisostome Munyankumburwa. Was elected with 199 votes. He was running against 3 other candidates.
f. The Counsellor for Finances and Administration: Rev. Jean Claude Ruzibiza was elected with 207 votes. He was running against another candidate.
The two outgoing members of the Executive Board were Rev. Ernest Ruyenzi (on the position of first deputy legal representative and Rev. Amon Kajabika, from the position of General Secretary). Three new members entered: Rev. Come Rutegamihigo, Rev. Callixte Kamanzi and Rev. Jean Claude Ruzibiza.

3. The Free Methodist Church in Rwanda ( EMLR).

This church held its elective General Conference on 16-17 July 2010, at its headquarters, Gikondo, Kigali. The Conference's agenda comprised the election of a new leadership. The following were elected for a six years term:

1. Legal Representative: Rt Rev. Samuel Kayinamura
2. First Deputy Legal Representative: Rev. Daniel Munyandame
3. Second Deputy Legal Representative: Mr Eraste Bayihorere.

Initially, the Conference had endorsed a proposal from the Board of directors to abandon a two member bishops heading the Church, an idea that had emerged from the previous General Conference. Two bishops were then elected: Rt Rev. Phelemon Munyagisaka Legal Representative, and Rt Rev. Samuel Kayinamura, first Legal Representative.

4. CPR: Conseil Protestant au Rwanda

From 6 to 8 September 2010, CPR held its first Consultation with its ecumenical partners and church leaders on the strategic programmes 2011-2013. The consultation was attended by 30 participants comprising ecumenical partners, church leaders and the staff. For two days, the participants discussed the programmes CPR intend to implement in the three coming years. They interacted on the keynote speech given by Rev. Dr Andre Karamaga, the General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches on the role of the Christian Councils in Africa, and exchanged on CPR's past and present engagement with church and Rwandan reality given by Dr Tharcisse Gatwa, General Secretary of CPR as well as on the role of church related organisations in capacity building of church members given by Phil Smith, country director of World Relief.
The participants acknowledged the relevance of the 23 programmes presented to them. At the end of the Consultation, they took a common engagement that they shall accompany CPR in the implementation of these; they called the ecumenical partners who were not able to send representatives to join them in offering their support to CPR ( see attached the Kibuye Common engagement for CPR).

May the Lord remain your comforter and always supreme counsellor.

Kigali, 17 September 2010

CPR General Secretary


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