Presentation of departments

Presentation of departments

General Secretariat

This organ coordinates and manages all daily activities of the Council with respect to the constitution, legal and administrative regulations. It also has the mandate to implement decisions made by CPR organs towards achievements of the CPR vision and mission.

This presentation highlights the CPR vision, mission, core values, and organizational structure.

Finance, Administration and Investment department

This department focuses mainly on effective stewardship and accountability over financial and physical resources of CPR. It is in charge of financial budgeting and budget monitoring, reports, audits. The department take care of building capacities of church member staff, e.g accountants, as well as other related programs and actions.

Finance, Administration and Investment department

This department encompasses education, social services and development. Education has been one of the most important pillars of CPR since its creation in 1963. Through its National Office of Protestant Education (BNEP) – “Bureau National de l’Enseignement Protestant” the département is mostly involved in training programs that improve quality education for the benefit of protestant schools leaders and teachers. Principals of schools and theirs deputies in charge of studies are trained in participative management.

Teachers are trained in Participative and Active Pedagogy (PAP). The department collects data and analyzes information about education in protestant schools, (school statistics). It backs up churches to eliminate illiteracy, and to teach Christian and positive values to children and youth. It supports initiatives to reduce poverty in the community by strengthening entrepreneurial spirit and increasing investments which generate income to people. The gender, HIV and counseling service is under this department portfolio. More information on the Education Social Services and Development department can be found on the website ( )

Gender HIV and Counseling Service

This service is under the portfolio of the Education Social services and Development department. It aims at promoting family values in the Church and building capacity for women. Education to fight HIV and support to the HIV positive people is also part of its mandate. Currently, the service runs an important project in counseling which started in April 2015. The project came as a response to post genocide trauma problems among the Rwandan community and focuses on training experts In psychotraumatology, coaching pastors, school managers,and local leaders. The program provides counseling services in CPR centres situated in Kigali city, Kayonza (Eastern Province) and Musanze (Northern Province).

Mission and Church mobilization

The department deals with coordinating and mobilizing evangelical tasks of member churches by closely working with local pastors and CPR decentralized units. It implements these tasks through the services of communication, evangelism, Radio Inkoramutima bradcasting and church growth programs. The département also facilitate services of advocacy, Peace and Reconciliation among the community.